Homeowners are always looking forward to improving their homes for increased comfort and enjoyment or to enhancing home value in the real estate market.


December 09, 2021

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Homeowners are always looking forward to improving their homes for increased comfort and enjoyment or to enhancing home value in the real estate market. Typical home improvements include renovation, decoration, and repairs, with repairs generally costing the lowest, renovation the highest, and decoration somewhere in the middle. Whatever be your budget, it’s better to start with small projects and low-cost upgrades that enhance the value of your home, starting from repairs, especially if you are hard-pressed for cash. Check out our great budget-friendly home upgrade ideas below:


 #1 Applying a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper on walls


Walls cover two-thirds of the surface area, and these are susceptible to dirt and grime as these are routinely touched by soiled hands, especially by kids. They are also a blank canvas for toddlers who learn writing by graffiti on walls. Given the area of a home is covered by walls, money spent on repainting dirty walls or even whole walls of the home can go a long way in making your house look clean and crisp. One can also opt for wallpaper instead of paint as it appears more elegant than vanilla paint.


#2 Refinishing flooring and cleaning carpets


Hardwood floors can last up to 100 years if it’s taken care of properly. They are, however, susceptible to wear and tear, such as scratching, as they are constantly exposed to our dirty shoe soles. Sooner or later, they will need refinishing or even replacement. A small investment in refinishing hardwood floors can make them as good as new and enhance the outlook of your home.


If you have carpeted your rooms, getting it cleaned by a professional will make all the dirt, stains, and pet pee disappear, giving a cleaner look to your home and enhancing its value. If your carpet’s life is over, it’s better to get your rooms re-carpeted.


#3 Re-model your kitchen & baths


According to Houzz & Home’s “Overview of U.S. Renovation” in 2019, Kitchens remain the most popular and most expensive room in a house to renovate, followed by baths. By performing small changes on your kitchen, such as resurfacing your cabinets, installing new hanging lighting fixtures, or tiling your backsplash, you can modernize your kitchen and add value. One can do lots of small and inexpensive changes in baths like upgrading fixtures, re-grouting tiles, changing old sinks, and changing tiles where needed, which can do wonders in increasing the value of your home.


#4 Replace old appliances with smart and energy-efficient appliances


In the present era, homebuyers place greater emphasis on minimizing energy usage and eco-friendly features, which cuts the electricity and gas bills and increases the desirability of your home. Investing in smart and connected home appliances like a thermostat can lower your electricity bills. Owners can also replace appliances like microwaves, furnaces, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., which are either less efficient or on the last leg of their lifecycle.


#5 Increase your curb appeal


Homeowners can increase the curb appeal of their homes by doing inexpensive repairs such as a fresh coat of paint on fences or cleaning up the landscape. Improving curb appeal is one of the most ignored home improvements, even when it is one of the cheapest and cost-effective ways to enhance aesthetics and value.


#6 Powerwash driveway and roof tiles


Getting concrete driveways, sidewalks, and roof tiles cleaned by a professional power washer removes the coating of dirt, grime, and moss from the surface, exposes the pristine surface to the eyes, and gives your old home a new look.


#7 Security and smart tech upgrades


Upgrading home by installing home automation which includes voice-activated home appliances, installing web-connected security cameras, smart door locks, fast USB charging sockets, built-in Bluetooth speakers, motion sensor activated lighting in baths and outdoors will give your home a modern and chic appearance and keep out burglars and porch pirates at a bay.



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